08 Fitness Tracker Functions That Enhance Health

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Step Tracking: Fitness trackers can monitor your daily steps, encouraging you to stay active and meet your daily activity goals.

Heart Rate Monitoring: Tracking your heart rate helps monitor your cardiovascular health and intensity during workouts

Sleep Tracking: Many fitness trackers offer sleep tracking features, monitoring the duration and quality of your sleep

Calorie Tracking: Fitness trackers can estimate the number of calories burned throughout the day, giving you a better understanding of your energy .

Activity Reminders: Some fitness trackers offer activity reminders, prompting you to move and stay active throughout the day.

GPS Tracking: Built-in GPS allows you to track your outdoor activities accurately, such as running or cycling

Waterproof/Water-Resistant: Fitness trackers with water resistance allow you to track your workouts while swimming or participating in water-based activities

Guided Workouts: Certain fitness trackers offer preloaded or on-screen guided workouts that provide exercise routines and instructions

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