10 Car Maintenance Myths that Are False

Oil change myth: Change oil every 3,000 miles.

Fact: Follow manufacturer's recommendations

Premium gasoline myth: Improves performance and fuel efficiency.

Fact: Use regular fuel unless required.

Cold weather myth: Warm up engine before driving.

Fact: Modern engines warm up quickly, excessive idling wastes fuel.

Tire replacement myth: Replace all four tires at once.

Fact: Replace based on condition, not all at once.

Aftermarket products myth: They void warranties.

Fact: Warranty remains if no damage caused.

Premium oil filter myth: Provides better protection.

Fact: High-quality filters meet requirements.

Engine additives myth: Improve fuel efficiency and performance.

Fact: Most engines don't need additives.

Coolant myth: Top up with water

Fact: Use manufacturer-recommended coolant.

Belts and hoses myth: Replace all at specific mileage.

Fact: Inspect and replace as needed, regardless of mileage.

Tire pressure myth: Fill to pressure on sidewall.

Fact: Use manufacturer's recommended tire pressure.

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