10 of the biggest birds on Earth


The largest living bird, standing tall and weighing up to 320 pounds.

Southern Cassowary

A large flightless bird from Australia and New Guinea, known for its striking appearance.


The second-largest bird, native to Australia, with a tall stature and distinctive feathers.

Emperor Penguin

The largest species of penguin, found in Antarctica, known for their unique parenting behavior.

 Great Bustard

A massive bird found in Europe and Asia, with impressive wingspan and weight.

Andean Condor

One of the world's largest flying birds, with a magnificent wingspan and presence.

Dalmatian Pelican

A majestic pelican species with a wide wingspan, inhabiting parts of Europe and Asia.

Greater Rhea

A flightless bird from South America, known for its impressive size and speed.

Kori Bustard

A large African bird with an imposing stature and distinctive courtship displays.

Southern Ground Hornbill

An impressive African bird with a unique appearance and loud call.

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