10 Things Stylish Men NEVER Do

Neglect Personal Grooming: Stylish men always prioritize personal grooming. They maintain well-groomed hair, nails, and facial hair, and pay attention to skincare.

Overlook Fit: They never wear ill-fitting clothes. Stylish men understand the importance of well-tailored garments that flatter their body shape.

Overdo Trends: Stylish men avoid wearing too many trendy items at once. They know how to incorporate trends subtly into their wardrobe.

Neglect Shoe Care: Neglecting shoe maintenance is a no-no. They regularly clean and polish their shoes, ensuring they're in excellent condition.

Disregard Occasion: They never wear inappropriate attire for the occasion. Stylish men consider the dress code and context when choosing their outfit.

Skimp on Quality: Quality matters to them. They invest in high-quality clothing and accessories that last longer and look better.

Clash Colors Unintentionally: Stylish men have a good sense of color coordination and avoid clashing colors that don't complement each other.

Overaccessorize: They know that less is often more. They avoid overloading with accessories and keep it minimal and tasteful.

Wear Wrinkled Clothes: They never wear wrinkled or creased clothing. They ensure their clothes are properly ironed or steamed before wearing them.

Ignore Personal Style: Lastly, stylish men stay true to their personal style. They don't blindly follow trends but curate a wardrobe that reflects their unique taste and personality.

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