5 Rules To Wearing Rings

Understand the message your ring sends. Rings can send a variety of messages, depending on the finger they are worn on and the type of ring. 

Pay attention to the proportion of your ring. The size and width of your ring should be proportional to the size of your fingers. A ring that is too big or too small will look out of place.

Balance the number of rings you wear. If you are wearing multiple rings, it is important to balance them out. Don't overload one hand with rings, and make sure the rings are of a similar style and metal.

Match the metals of your rings. This is especially important if you are wearing multiple rings. Mixing and matching different metals can look cluttered and uncoordinated.

Wear your ring with confidence. The most important rule of all is to wear your ring with confidence. If you don't feel comfortable wearing a ring, it will show.

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