6 Myths and Facts About PCOS

PCOS only affects reproductive-age women. Fact: PCOS can occur at any age.

1. Myth

PCOS is solely a fertility issue. Fact: PCOS can lead to various health concerns beyond fertility.

2. Myth

All women with PCOS have ovarian cysts. Fact: Ovarian cysts are not present in all cases of PCOS.

3. Myth

Weight gain causes PCOS. Fact: Weight gain can worsen PCOS symptoms but is not the root cause.

4. Myth

Birth control pills are the only treatment for PCOS. Fact: Treatment options for PCOS go beyond birth control pills.

5. Myth

PCOS is not a serious condition. Fact: PCOS requires ongoing management and can have significant health impacts if left untreated.

6. Myth

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