7 dog breeds which can give you allergy

Labrador Retriever: Labs are popular, but their shedding can release allergenic proteins into the air.

German Shepherd: Their thick double coat can trap allergens and release them into the environment.

Golden Retriever: While known for their friendly nature, Golden Retrievers are heavy shedders, which can be problematic for allergy sufferers.

Poodle: Poodles have hair, not fur, but they can still produce allergenic dander.

Bulldog: Bulldogs have loose, wrinkled skin, which can collect allergens, and their short coat can still trigger allergies.

Siberian Husky: Huskies shed profusely, especially in warmer months, which can exacerbate allergies.

Boxer: Boxers have a short coat, but they do shed, and their dander can be an issue for some people.

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