7 Great Films Ruined by Horrible Endings

"Signs" - M. Night Shyamalan's intriguing alien tale undermined by a lackluster resolution.

"I Am Legend" - A gripping post-apocalyptic narrative soured by a last-minute change that deviated from the source material.

"War of the Worlds" - Spielberg's masterful buildup overshadowed by a hasty and convenient ending.

"Lucy" - A thought-provoking concept undone by an overly surreal and nonsensical climax.

"The Village" - Another Shyamalan entry, with a twist that polarized viewers and detracted from the atmospheric build.

"Prometheus" - Ridley Scott's sci-fi epic suffered from loose ends and unanswered questions.

"Hancock" - An innovative superhero flick let down by an abrupt tonal shift and unresolved plotlines.