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7 Nasty Restaurant Habits to Avoid

Snap or whistle at the waitstaff

It is impolite and disrespectful to summon or get the attention of waitstaff by snapping fingers or whistling.

Speak loudly or shout

Talking at a fair level demonstrates care for other diners. Shouting may ruin everyone's meal.

Use offensive language

Using vulgar or offensive language can create an uncomfortable atmosphere for other diners and is inappropriate in a public setting.

Ignore or abuse waitstaff

Respecting waitstaff is crucial. Ignoring, insulting, or being rude is disrespectful.

Seat yourself at a reserved table

Respect a reserved table by finding another one. Taking a reserved table without permission is frustrating.

Hover or rush the waitstaff

Give the waitstaff enough time to serve everyone. Interrupting or hurrying them might strain their service.

Touch or handle food that isn't yours

Touching food on others' plates or buffets is disrespectful. Avoid food contamination and personal boundaries.

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