7 Pool Safety Tips for Dogs

Supervision: Always supervise your dog when they are around the pool. Accidents can happen quickly, so being present and attentive is the first line of defense.

Teach Swimming Skills: Not all dogs are natural swimmers. If your dog is new to water, take the time to teach them how to swim and how to exit the pool safely.

Pool Access: Ensure your dog can easily enter and exit the pool. Consider installing a pool ramp, steps, or a designated exit area to prevent accidents and exhaustion.

Life Jacket: For dogs that are not strong swimmers or are small breeds, a canine life jacket is a valuable safety tool. It provides buoyancy and helps keep them afloat.

Pool Fencing: Install a secure pool fence or safety cover to prevent your dog from accidentally falling into the pool when unsupervised.

Water Intake Control: Discourage your dog from drinking pool water, as chemicals like chlorine can be harmful. Provide fresh drinking water to keep them hydrated.

Pool Chemical Safety: Store pool chemicals out of your dog's reach and make sure they don't have access to chemical containers. These substances can be toxic if ingested.

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