7 Reasons to Never Give Your Dog Rawhide

Digestive Issues: Rawhide can be difficult for dogs to digest, leading to gastrointestinal problems such as blockages, diarrhea, and vomiting.

Choking Hazard: Rawhide poses a choking risk as it can become soft and malleable when chewed, potentially causing pieces to break off and obstruct the dog's airway.

Chemical Treatments: Rawhide is often treated with chemicals like bleach and preservatives during processing, which can be harmful if ingested by dogs.

Contamination Risk: Rawhide sourced from unknown or low-quality suppliers may carry contaminants like bacteria, chemicals, or mold that can harm your dog's health.

Inadequate Nutrition: Rawhide provides little to no nutritional value for dogs, offering mainly empty calories instead of promoting their overall well-being.

Aggressive Chewing: Aggressive chewers can quickly break down rawhide into small, sharp fragments that may cause internal injuries or damage to the mouth and throat.

Safer Alternatives: There are safer chew alternatives available, such as rubber toys, nylon bones, and natural dental chews, that provide entertainment

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