7 Nutrient-Rich Sources of Vitamin B-12 for Vegetarians

Vitamin B-12, also known as cobalamin, is a crucial nutrient that plays a significant role in maintaining our overall health.

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Fortified Plant-Based Milk 

Fortified plant-based milk, is a great option for vegetarians seeking vitamin B-12.

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Nutritional Yeast 

Nutritional yeast is a popular ingredient among vegetarians, known for its cheesy flavor and versatility.  

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Fortified Cereals 

Several breakfast cereals are fortified with vitamin B-12, making them a convenient option for vegetarians. 

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For lacto-ovo vegetarians (those who consume eggs and dairy products), eggs are a natural source of vitamin B-12. 

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Plant-Based Meat Alternatives 

Some plant-based meat alternatives, like veggie burgers and meatless sausages, are fortified with vitamin B-12. 

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Fortified Nutritional Supplements 

Vitamin B-12 supplements fortified with vegan-friendly sources are readily available. 

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Seaweed and Algae 

Certain types of seaweed and algae, such as nori and chlorella, contain small amounts of bioactive vitamin B-12. 

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