7 Things from the 1990s You May Not Remember

These collectible cardboard discs were popular for trading and playing a game where you stack and slam them to flip them over.


These handheld digital pets required constant care and attention, teaching responsibility and causing waves of obsession.


Before text messaging, people communicated using numeric codes on beepers (also known as pagers) to convey messages.

Beeper Codes

Connecting to the internet involved that memorable sound of dial-up modems, which was slow and required tying up the phone line.

Dial-Up Internet

These portable devices allowed you to listen to music on cassette tapes or CDs, changing how people enjoyed music on the go.

Walkman and Discman

Before streaming, people rented movies from physical stores like Blockbuster, choosing from rows of VHS tapes and later, DVDs.

Blockbuster Video

These were used to store and transfer files, though they had very limited capacity compared to modern storage devices.

Floppy Disks