7 Type of Facial Hair Women Like on Men


A well-groomed stubble is often seen as attractive, as it can give men a rugged and masculine look without appearing too unkempt.

Full Beard

A thick and well-maintained full beard can be highly appealing to many women, as it can exude confidence and add a sense of maturity and masculinity.

Light Beard

A lighter beard, such as a trimmed or groomed beard, can provide a balance between the clean-shaven look and a full beard, offering a more polished appearance.


While facial hair can be attractive, a clean-shaven look remains timeless and appealing to many women. It can showcase a man's facial features and give a more youthful appearance.


A well-defined and neatly shaped goatee can be seen as stylish and edgy, providing a unique and distinct look that some women find attractive.


A carefully styled moustache can add a touch of personality and charm to a man's appearance, with different styles, such as the classic handlebar or the trimmed and groomed moustache, having their own appeal.

Stubble with a Shaved Head

Pairing a well-maintained stubble with a shaved head can create a rugged and masculine look that many women find attractive, showcasing confidence and a bold sense of style.

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