7 Types Of Stylish Man – Which One Are You?

Classic Gentleman: The classic gentleman prefers timeless and well-tailored pieces, such as suits, dress shirts, and polished leather shoes.

Casual Cool Guy: This guy opts for a relaxed and laid-back style, favoring jeans, graphic tees, sneakers, and hoodies. He embraces comfort and practicality in his clothing choices.

Streetwear Enthusiast: Streetwear enthusiasts are all about urban fashion, with a focus on trendy sneakers, logo-driven clothing, and bold accessories. 

Preppy and Polished: The preppy dresser embraces a clean and sophisticated look, featuring khakis, polo shirts, blazers, and boat shoes. They exude an air of refinement.

Bohemian Free Spirit: Bohemian men embrace a relaxed and eclectic style with flowy clothing, earthy tones, and natural fabrics. They value individuality and often incorporate cultural elements into their outfits.

Sporty Athlete: This style revolves around activewear, sports jerseys, running shoes, and performance-oriented clothing. Sporty individuals prioritize comfort and functionality in their attire.

Hipster Trendsetter: Hipsters are known for their quirky and unique fashion choices, including vintage clothing, thick-rimmed glasses, and artisanal accessories. They enjoy staying ahead of trends.

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