7 Weird Facts About Jersey Mike’s

Origin of the Name: The name "Jersey Mike's" originates from the founder, Mike Cancro, who opened the first store in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, in 1956.

Sub Above: Jersey Mike's tagline is "A Sub Above," emphasizing their commitment to quality and freshness. They even slice their deli meats and cheeses in-store daily to ensure the highest quality.

Secret Menu: Jersey Mike's has a "secret menu" with items that aren't listed on the regular menu board. You can order items like "The Chicken Philly" and "The Veggie" from this hidden selection.

Hot Subs: While they are known for their cold subs, Jersey Mike's also offers a selection of hot subs, including options like meatball and cheese and grilled pastrami and Swiss.

Numbering System: The menu items at Jersey Mike's are typically referred to by number. For example, "The Original Italian" is known as #13, "The Super Sub" is #7, and so on.

Sub in a Tub: If you're watching your carb intake, Jersey Mike's offers a "Sub in a Tub" option where your chosen sub ingredients are prepared in a container without the bread

Day of Giving: Jersey Mike's holds an annual "Day of Giving" where 100% of the day's sales are donated to local charities. It's a tradition that began in 2011 and has since raised millions of dollars

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