8 cleanest villages of Europe


Nestled in the Lofoten Islands, Reine is renowned for its pristine landscapes, tidy streets, and vibrant fishing culture.

Reine, Norway


Set against the picturesque Hallstätter See, this charming village boasts well-maintained Alpine architecture and pristine surroundings.

Hallstatt, Austria


Known as the "Venice of the North," Giethoorn's tranquil canals and meticulously kept gardens contribute to its cleanliness.

Giethoorn, Netherlands


With its iconic Lake Bled and well-kept town center, Bled offers a serene and clean environment for visitors.

Bled, Slovenia


Another Austrian gem, St. Wolfgang features clean streets, colorful facades, and a stunning lakeside setting.

St. Wolfgang, Austria


Surrounded by the Swiss Alps, Grindelwald's commitment to maintaining its natural beauty reflects in its pristine streets and landscapes.

Grindelwald, Switzerland


This picturesque Italian village stands out for its cleanliness, with well-preserved buildings and a stunning coastal setting.

Portofino, Italy


Gimmelwald's car-free status and dedication to preserving its alpine beauty result in a spotless and idyllic atmosphere.

Gimmelwald, Switzerland

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