8 Signs Your Dog Is Mad At You


Avoidance: If your dog is usually affectionate but suddenly starts avoiding you, it might be upset.


Excessive Panting: Dogs can pant when stressed or anxious, indicating they might be upset with you.


Lack of Eye Contact: A dog that's mad might avoid making eye contact, which is usually a sign of trust and affection.


Hiding: If your dog hides or retreats to a secluded spot, it could be a sign of displeasure.


Growling or Snapping: Vocalizations like growling or snapping indicate your dog is unhappy and might feel threatened.


Destructive Behavior: Uncharacteristic destructive actions, like chewing furniture, can be a sign of frustration.


Loss of Appetite: A dog that's upset might lose interest in food.


Submissive Behavior: Some dogs display submissive behaviors like rolling over or avoiding you to communicate their discomfort.

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