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8 Toxic Phrases Parents Say to Their Kids

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You're worthless

Toxic parents belittle and demean their children by constantly devaluing their worth and undermining their self-esteem.

You're a burden

Toxic parents make their children feel like a burden, making them believe that their presence and needs are a source of inconvenience and trouble.

You'll never amount to anything

Toxic parents crush their children's dreams and aspirations by constantly undermining their potential and belittling their abilities.

You're so stupid

Toxic parents engage in constant criticism and ridicule, using derogatory language to make their children feel intellectually inferior and inadequate.

You're too sensitive

Toxic parents dismiss their children's emotions and feelings, invalidating their experiences and denying them the support and empathy they need.

You're the reason for all our problems

Toxic parents blame their children for the family's difficulties, making them shoulder unnecessary guilt and responsibility for things beyond their control.

I love you, but

Toxic parents use conditional love, making their affection and acceptance contingent upon their children meeting their expectations, creating a constant sense of insecurity and anxiety.

I wish you were never born

Toxic parents express their regret and resentment towards their children, inflicting deep emotional wounds and creating a sense of unworthiness.

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