8 Unusual Small Animals Make Great Pets

Small, spiky pets with unique appearance. Need suitable habitat, balanced diet, and regular interaction.


Social marsupials kept for their playful nature. Require specialized diet, ample space, and social interaction.

Sugar Gliders

Intelligent, social pets that form strong bonds. Low maintenance with suitable cage, balanced diet, and mental stimulation.

Fancy Rats

Energetic and curious pets that provide entertainment. Need spacious enclosure, proper diet, and mental/physical stimulation.


Unique aquatic creatures capable of regenerating body parts. Require suitable aquarium, proper water conditions, and proper diet.


Intelligent and affectionate pets, but need space, balanced diet, and training for their well-being.

Miniature Pigs

Intriguing exotic pets needing appropriate terrarium setup, specific care, and suitability for experienced owners.


Low-maintenance pets that don't fly. Suitable for those with individual preferences, easy to handle.

Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches

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