8 Worst-Rated Indian American Food

Paneer Tikka Pizza

A fusion dish that often falls flat due to clashing flavors.

Vada Burger

The attempt to blend a South Indian classic with fast food doesn't always satisfy.

Gulab Jamun Milkshake

Traditional dessert turned beverage, often an overly sweet experiment.

Curry Tacos

Mixing Indian curries with Mexican tacos seldom results in a harmonious taste.

Samosa Casserole

Deconstructing samosas into a casserole lacks the crisp appeal.

Tandoori Hot Dog

The clash of flavors between tandoori spices and hot dogs disappoints.

Chai Ice Cream Float

Chai's complex flavors don't always mesh well with ice cream.

Masala Poutine

Traditional Indian spices don't always enhance this Canadian favorite.