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9 Ancient Temples of Angkor: Mysteries of Cambodia

Angkor Wat

The largest and most iconic temple, Angkor Wat, is a masterpiece of Khmer architecture. Its precise alignment with celestial events and intricate bas-reliefs


The Bayon temple is known for its numerous serene stone faces carved into its towers. The meaning and significance of these faces, believed to represent a blend of Buddhist 

Ta Prohm

The ongoing struggle to preserve the temple's structure while allowing its natural elements to coexist raises questions about conservation methods.

Preah Khan

The labyrinthine design of Preah Khan suggests its importance as a spiritual and educational center.

Banteay Srei

Renowned for its intricate pink sandstone carvings, Banteay Srei is known as the "Citadel of Women." The fine craftsmanship of its sculptures and the small scale of the temple

Pre Rup

Believed to have been used for cremation ceremonies, Pre Rup's alignment with cardinal directions and its symbolism in Khmer cosmology

Beng Mealea

Largely unrestored and engulfed by jungle, Beng Mealea offers a glimpse into the hidden mysteries of abandoned temples. 


Often referred to as the first mountain temple of Angkor, Bakong's towering pyramid design and its role as a state temple during its time raise questions

Koh Ker

Located outside the main Angkor area, Koh Ker's pyramid structures and unique sculptures hint at a period of architectural experimentation. 

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