Are Animals Friends Or Foes?

Companionship and Friendship: Many animals, such as dogs and cats, are beloved pets and are considered friends to humans.

Working Partners: Animals like horses, oxen, and service dogs work alongside humans, aiding in transportation, agriculture 

Therapeutic Allies: Animals like therapy dogs and horses play a crucial role in therapeutic settings, providing emotional healing and support for people with various conditions.

Wildlife Conservation: Efforts to protect and conserve wildlife highlight the importance of animals as allies in maintaining ecological balance and biodiversity, not foes. 

Food and Resources: While animals are a source of food and resources for humans, the way we raise and utilize them can be controversial. 

Disease Vectors: Some animals, such as mosquitoes and ticks, can transmit diseases to humans, making them potential foes in public health contexts. 

Conflict with Wildlife: In certain situations, conflicts arise when wildlife encroaches on human settlements or agriculture 

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