Best places to visit in Bali

Ubud: This cultural heart of Bali is famous for its lush rice terraces, traditional art markets, and vibrant arts scene.  

Tanah Lot Temple: One of Bali's most iconic temples, Tanah Lot is perched on a rocky outcrop by the sea. It's particularly picturesque during sunset. 

Uluwatu Temple: Another stunning sea temple located on a cliff, Uluwatu Temple offers breathtaking ocean views and is a great place to witness a traditional Kecak dance performance. 

Tegallalang Rice Terraces: These terraces near Ubud showcase the incredible beauty of Bali's rice cultivation. The emerald-green fields are a sight to behold. 

Besakih Temple: Known as the "Mother Temple," Besakih is the largest and holiest temple in Bali, located on the slopes of Mount Agung. 

Nusa Dua: This area is known for its luxurious resorts, pristine beaches, and water sports. It's a great place for relaxation and upscale dining. 

Seminyak: A trendy beach resort area, Seminyak offers a mix of upscale shopping, vibrant nightlife, and fine dining experiences. 

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