Cell phone etiquette rules you should be following

Keep Your Voice Down: When in public spaces or around others, speak at a volume that won't disturb those nearby. Use a quieter tone when necessary.

Use Silent or Vibrate Mode: In settings where loud ringtones could be disruptive, switch your phone to silent or vibrate mode.

Respect Quiet Zones: Refrain from using your phone in quiet places like libraries, theaters, museums, and religious spaces. Silence your phone and step outside if needed.

Avoid Speakerphone in Public: Use speakerphone sparingly, especially in public places. Others don't want to hear your conversation.

Pull Over to Talk: If you receive a call while driving, pull over to a safe location before answering. Using a hands-free device is recommended if it's legal in your area.

Avoid Phone Stacking: When dining out with friends, resist the temptation to stack phones on the table. Encourage meaningful conversation instead.

Mind Your Surroundings: Be aware of your surroundings, so you don't accidentally bump into people, objects, or vehicles while using your phone.