Short Layered Bob Haircuts That Are Easy to Style

Classic Short Layered Bob: This timeless style features short, even layers that frame the face beautifully. It's easy to maintain and suits various face shapes.

Textured Pixie Bob: A pixie bob combines the edginess of a pixie cut with the sophistication of a bob. The layers add texture and volume, making it easy to style with a little product.

Choppy Bob: A choppy bob consists of irregular, disconnected layers that create a trendy, tousled look. It's low-maintenance and perfect for those who want a relaxed, effortless style.

Asymmetrical Bob: This bob has shorter layers on one side and longer layers on the other, creating a dynamic and fashionable appearance. It's versatile and can be styled in various ways.

Inverted Bob: An inverted bob features stacked layers in the back and longer layers in the front. This style adds volume and dimension while remaining easy to style and maintain.

Blunt Bob with Textured Ends: While it may seem simple, a blunt bob with textured ends can be both chic and easy to style.

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