Discover 10 Invasive Species in Hawaii



A highly invasive tree species that forms dense thickets and disrupts native Hawaiian ecosystems.

Coqui Frog

A small frog species introduced from Puerto Rico that has become widespread in Hawaii, negatively impacting native bird populations and disrupting ecosystems.

Strawberry Guava

An invasive shrub or small tree that spreads rapidly and outcompetes native plant species.

Fire Ant

These aggressive ants are known for their painful stings and have been introduced to Hawaii, posing threats to native species and agricultural crops.

Australian Tree Fern

This large, fast-growing fern species can form dense stands, displacing native vegetation and altering habitat structure.


Albizia trees are fast-growing and can reach large sizes, often causing property damage during storms and negatively impacting native ecosystems.

Common Myna 

Originally introduced to control insects, these birds have become highly invasive, outcompeting native bird species and causing damage to crops.

Little Fire Ant 

These tiny ants have a potent sting and form supercolonies, threatening native invertebrates and ecosystems.

Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle 

A destructive pest that attacks coconut palms and other palm species, causing significant damage to Hawaii's coconut industry.

Fountain Grass 

 A highly invasive grass species that quickly spreads and displaces native vegetation, increasing the risk of wildfires.

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