Discover Georgia's Strongest Tornado


The Gainesville tornado occurred on April 6, 1936.

F-Scale Rating

The tornado was rated as an F4 on the Fujita scale, which indicates an extremely strong tornado with wind speeds ranging from 207 to 260 mph (333 to 418 km/h).

Path and Duration

The tornado had a path length of approximately 15 miles (24 kilometers) and lasted for about 30 minutes.


The tornado struck the city of Gainesville, located in Hall County, in northeastern Georgia.


Casualties: The tornado caused significant loss of life and property. It resulted in 203 fatalities and over 1,600 injuries.


The tornado caused widespread devastation in Gainesville, with hundreds of buildings destroyed or severely damaged.


In the aftermath of the tornado, the community rallied together for recovery efforts, with volunteers and relief organizations providing assistance and support to those affected.

Impact on Tornado Safety

The Gainesville tornado shaped tornado safety and warning systems in the US, raising awareness and readiness for severe weather occurrences.

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