Explore Why Bees Kill Their Queen Bee


The worker bees notice when the queen bee ages or stops laying eggs. To save the colony, they may choose a younger, more productive queen.

Old or Failing Queen


If the queen is damaged or sick, worker bees may see her as a threat to the colony. Workers will replace her to prevent sickness and colony decline.



Bees swarm to form colonies. Worker bees may feed a queen cell larva royal jelly before swarming. Eliminating the old queen prevents competition.

Swarming Preparation


A crowded colony may cause supersedure. Worker bees may replace the queen if they perceive she is not releasing enough pheromones to sustain colony cohesion.



Bee colonies have a complex social structure, and their longevity depends on hive health and stability. The colony adapts and thrives through supersedure.

Natural Instinct

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