Find Wisconsin's Top 10 Caves


Located in Blue Mounds, it is one of Wisconsin's most popular caves, known for its stunning limestone formations and guided tours.

Cave of the Mounds


Situated in Richland County, it is the largest onyx cave in Wisconsin and offers guided tours showcasing its impressive stalactite and stalagmite formations.

Eagle Cave


Located in Pierce County, it features beautiful crystal formations and offers guided tours that delve into its geological and historical significance.

Crystal Cave


Found in the Kickapoo Valley Reserve, these limestone caves are part of an expansive nature reserve and can be explored on guided tours.

Kickapoo Caverns


This nature center in Chilton offers visitors a chance to explore a small cave system, along with educational programs about caves and geology.

Ledge View Nature Center


Located in Maribel, this series of small limestone caves offers hiking trails and exploration opportunities, showcasing unique rock formations.

Maribel Caves


Although not a traditional cave, this park in Door County features dramatic sea caves carved by Lake Michigan's waves, offering breathtaking views.

Cave Point County Park


This unique park in Phillips showcases concrete sculptures, including a representation of a cave, created by artist Fred Smith.

Wisconsin Concrete Park


Situated in Sheboygan, this park features a small limestone cave known as "Pigeon River Cave," along with hiking trails and scenic views.

Indian Mound Park


While not specifically known for caves, this park in Bagley offers stunning views of the Mississippi and Wisconsin Rivers, along with small limestone formations and rock shelters.

Wyalusing State Park

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