How to improve your sleep quality

Maintain a Consistent Sleep Schedule: Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, even on weekends. Consistency helps regulate your body's internal clock, making it easier to fall asleep.

Create a Relaxing Bedtime Routine: Engage in calming activities before bed, such as reading, taking a warm bath, practicing deep breathing, or gentle stretching.

Limit Exposure to Screens: The blue light emitted by phones, tablets, and computers can interfere with your body's production of melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep.  

Exercise Regularly: Engaging in regular physical activity can promote better sleep, but avoid vigorous exercise close to bedtime. 

Limit Daytime Naps: While short naps can be beneficial, avoid napping for too long or too late in the day, as it can interfere with nighttime sleep. 

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