Ingrown Nails: Eight Easy Remedies

Proper Nail Trimming Technique


Trim your nails straight across and avoid rounding the corners to prevent ingrown nails.

Wear Proper-Fitting Footwear


Choose shoes that provide enough room for your toes, reducing pressure on the nails.

Maintain Good Foot Hygiene


Keep your feet clean and dry to prevent bacterial and fungal infections that can contribute to ingrown nails.

Avoid Picking or Digging at Nails


Resist the urge to dig into the corners of your nails, as this can worsen ingrown nails.

Soak in Warm Water


Soak your feet in warm water with Epsom salt to help reduce inflammation and promote healing.

Apply Topical Antibiotics


Use over-the-counter antibiotic to prevent infections in ingrown nails.

Use Protective Cushions


Apply adhesive nail cushions or dental floss under the ingrown nail to lift it and relieve pressure.

Seek Professional Help if Needed


 If ingrown nails persist or become severe, consult a healthcare professional for appropriate treatment and possible nail removal.

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