Most Polluted Rivers in the United States Today 

Cuyahoga River, Ohio: This river gained notoriety for being so polluted that it caught fire multiple times in the past.  

Mississippi River: The Mississippi River, while vast and important for commerce and transportation, has faced pollution issues due to agricultural runoff, industrial discharges.

Hudson River, New York: The Hudson River has suffered from contamination by polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) released by General Electric (GE) plants, which led to significant efforts to clean up the river and its ecosystem. 

Detroit River, Michigan: The Detroit River, a major waterway connecting the Great Lakes, has had issues with industrial pollution, urban runoff, and combined sewer overflows. 

Ohio River: The Ohio River has experienced pollution concerns due to industrial activities, agricultural runoff, and urban pollution from cities along its course. 

Anacostia River, Washington, D.C.: This river has been heavily polluted due to urban runoff, combined sewer overflows, and industrial discharges. 

Willamette River, Oregon: The Willamette River has faced challenges from industrial pollution, agricultural runoff, and legacy contamination from past industries. 

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