Planet Zoo: 7 Best Animals For Multispecies Enclosures 

African Elephants and Plains Zebras: African elephants and plains zebras are compatible as they share similar habitat and social needs. 

Lions and African Elephants: In the game, lions and African elephants can coexist in the same habitat. Lions are top predators, while elephants are herbivores.

Giraffes and Zebras:– Giraffes and zebras are compatible due to their herbivorous diets and similar grassland habitat requirements. 

Nile Monitor Lizards and African Bullfrogs: Nile monitor lizards and African bullfrogs can coexist in a water-based enclosure. They are compatible in terms of both habitat and social needs.

African Buffalo and Warthogs: – African buffalo and warthogs are suitable companions for a mixed-species savannah enclosure.

Springboks and Ostriches: – Springboks and ostriches thrive in a mixed-species savannah habitat.

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