Rattiest American City: 8 Cities Ranked


Known for its high crime rates and poverty levels, Baltimore has often been cited as one of the rattiest cities in America.

Baltimore, Maryland


Chicago has struggled with a persistent rat problem, particularly in its urban areas and older neighborhoods.

Chicago, Illinois


With its dense population and extensive subway system, New York City has had ongoing challenges with rat infestations.

New York City, New York


Philadelphia has faced issues with rat populations, particularly in certain neighborhoods with older infrastructure.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Detroit has dealt with rat problems due to its high vacancy rates and abandoned buildings, which provide ample nesting spaces for rats.

Detroit, Michigan


New Orleans has had its share of rodent issues, attributed in part to its warm climate and historic architecture.

New Orleans, Louisiana


Despite its glamorous reputation, Los Angeles has faced challenges with rat populations, especially in areas with high population density.

Los Angeles, California


Houston has had occasional issues with rat infestations, particularly in areas prone to flooding or with older housing stock.

Houston, Texas

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