Seven of the World's Most Expensive Sports

Formula 1 Racing: Formula 1 is a high-octane, elite motorsport with teams investing massive amounts in research, development, and cutting-edge technology.

Horse Racing: Horse racing involves substantial expenses in maintaining and training racehorses, as well as hosting prestigious events like the Kentucky Derby and Royal Ascot.

Sailing: Competitive sailing requires costly boats, maintenance, and participation in international races such as the America's Cup.

Polo: Polo, a sport associated with luxury and prestige, demands high-quality horses, skilled players, and well-maintained polo grounds.

Skiing and Snowboarding: Winter sports like skiing and snowboarding require expensive equipment, lift passes, and travel to renowned snow destinations.

Yacht Racing: Yacht racing involves opulent yachts and significant expenses in crew, maintenance, and participation in prestigious races like the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race.

Golf: Golf is often considered an expensive sport due to club memberships, costly equipment, and fees to play at exclusive courses.

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