Signs someone is jealous of you

Constant Criticism

They frequently criticize your achievements, choices, or appearance, often in a negative or dismissive manner.

Excessive Competition

They always try to one-up you or compete with you, even in situations where it's unnecessary or unrelated.

Passive-Aggressive Behavior

They display indirect hostility or resentment towards you through subtle digs, sarcasm, or backhanded compliments.

Undermining Your Success

They minimize your successes, ignore them, or claim credit for them.

Negative Body Language

They exhibit signs of discomfort, tension, or irritation when you share good news or discuss positive aspects of your life.

Spreading Rumors or Gossip

They may disseminate tales about you to harm your reputation or sow mistrust.

Lack of Support or Enthusiasm

They're indifferent to your aims and don't support them.