The 10 Most Dangerous Roads in California

Pacific Coast Highway (State Route 1): This iconic coastal road stretches along California's coastline, offering breathtaking views but also steep cliffs, tight curves, and potential rockfalls.

Angeles Crest Highway (State Route 2): Located in the San Gabriel Mountains, this mountainous road features sharp turns, steep drop-offs, and limited guardrails, making it challenging for drivers.

Tioga Pass Road (State Route 120): Crossing the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Tioga Pass Road is prone to severe weather conditions, including heavy snowfall, which can lead to icy and treacherous driving conditions.

Big Sur Coast Highway (State Route 1): Running along the rugged Big Sur coastline, this road is known for its narrow lanes, tight curves, and cliffside driving, making it both thrilling and dangerous.

Angeles Forest Highway (County Route N3): This mountain road in the Angeles National Forest presents steep grades, winding stretches, and limited visibility, requiring caution from drivers.

Sonora Pass (State Route 108): Located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Sonora Pass is known for its high elevation and challenging driving conditions, particularly during winter due to snow and ice.

Ebbetts Pass (State Route 4): Another mountain pass in the Sierra Nevada range, Ebbetts Pass offers stunning views but also features narrow lanes, sharp turns, and steep descents.

Route 198: This road in Central California, particularly the stretch between Coalinga and San Lucas, has earned a reputation for its dangerous driving conditions, including sharp curves and limited visibility.

San Marcos Pass (State Route 154): Connecting Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez Valley, this winding mountain road can be challenging due to its narrow lanes, steep drops, and frequent fog.

Death Valley Road (State Route 190): Located in Death Valley National Park, this road presents extreme desert conditions, including high temperatures, long stretches without services, and limited cell phone coverage.

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