The 7 Biggest Rockets Ever Launched

Saturn V

The Saturn V, used by NASA during the Apollo missions, remains the largest and most powerful rocket ever built, standing at a towering height of 363 feet.

Space Launch System (SLS)

The SLS, NASA's next-generation rocket, will surpass the Saturn V's capabilities and become the most powerful rocket.

Falcon Heavy

Developed by SpaceX, the Falcon Heavy stands as the most powerful operational rocket currently in use, capable of launching heavy payloads into space.

Delta IV Heavy

United Launch Alliance's Delta IV Heavy, another heavy-lift rocket, has launched critical payloads into space.

Long March 5

China's Long March 5 rocket is the country's most powerful and largest launch vehicle, designed to support ambitious space exploration missions and payload deliveries.


The Soviet Union's Energia rocket, with its massive payload capacity, was primarily used for launching space shuttles and space station modules during the 1980s.

Ariane 5

Developed by the European Space Agency, the Ariane 5 rocket is a reliable heavy-lift launcher capable of deploying large satellites and interplanetary probes.

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