The 8 Most Dangerous Roads in Ohio

exercise caution and follow traffic laws

This major highway stretches across Ohio and is known for its high traffic volume and frequent accidents.

Interstate 71 (I-71)

Another heavily traveled interstate, I-75 passes through Ohio, and sections of it are notorious for congestion and accidents.

Interstate 75 (I-75)

This east-west highway in Ohio has seen its share of accidents and traffic-related incidents due to heavy commercial truck traffic and congestion.

US Route 30

Known for its winding sections and steep hills, State Route 7 poses challenges to drivers, particularly during inclement weather conditions.

State Route 7

This highway has seen numerous accidents due to its narrow lanes, sharp curves, and heavy truck traffic.

State Route 32

Stretching from Cincinnati to Dayton, State Route 4 experiences significant traffic congestion and has been the site of various accidents.

State Route 4

This route is characterized by narrow lanes, sharp curves, and heavy traffic, making it prone to accidents, especially during peak travel times.

State Route 8

Known for its treacherous sections, State Route 16 has witnessed accidents due to challenging terrain, including steep grades and sharp turns.

State Route 16

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