The Best 10 Korean Dramas

A heartwarming story about a South Korean heiress who accidentally lands in North Korea and falls in love with an army officer.

"CRASH LANDING ON YOU" (2019-2020)

A fantasy romance drama about an immortal goblin who seeks a human bride to end his eternal life.

"GOBLIN" (2016-2017)

A love story between a soldier and a doctor who meet in a war-torn country and navigate the challenges of their professions.


A drama following the journey of an ex-convict who opens a bar-restaurant in Itaewon and strives for success while battling against a powerful corporation.


Set in the 1980s, this drama revolves around a group of friends and their families living in a neighborhood, capturing the nostalgia and warmth of youth.

"REPLY 1988" (2015-2016)

A gripping crime thriller where detectives from the present and the past communicate through a mysterious walkie-talkie to solve cold cases and prevent crimes.

"SIGNAL" (2016)

A romantic comedy about an alien who landed on Earth 400 years ago and falls in love with a top actress in the present day.

"MY LOVE FROM THE STAR" (2013-2014)

A classic romantic drama based on a popular manga, featuring a poor girl who attends an elite school and finds herself entangled with the richest and most popular boys.


A lighthearted romantic comedy about a young woman with superhuman strength who becomes a bodyguard for a CEO, leading to unexpected love and laughter.


A supernatural drama set in a hotel for ghosts, where the eccentric owner and a human hotel manager encounter various spirits and uncover their stories.


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