The most attractive buttes in the United States

Mitten Buttes (Arizona)

Located in Monument Valley, the Mitten Buttes are iconic and picturesque, standing tall amidst the stunning desert landscape.

Merrick Butte (Utah)

Rising majestically in the heart of Canyonlands National Park, Merrick Butte's unique shape and vibrant colors make it a captivating sight for visitors.

Castle Butte (Nebraska)

A natural wonder in the Nebraska Sandhills, Castle Butte's solitary presence and intricate rock formations draw photographers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Bears Ears Buttes (Utah)

Part of the Bears Ears National Monument, these twin buttes hold significant cultural and historical importance, attracting hikers and adventurers.

Shiprock (New Mexico)

An ancient volcanic formation, Shiprock stands out dramatically on the horizon, making it one of the most recognizable buttes in the United States.

Spider Rock (Arizona)

Located in Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Spider Rock is a striking sandstone spire with a rich Native American legend, adding to its allure.

Devils Tower (Wyoming)

Although officially designated as a "volcanic neck," Devils Tower's columnar appearance gives it the impression of a grand butte, making it a popular climbing destination.

Steamboat Rock (Washington)

Jutting out of Banks Lake, Steamboat Rock showcases the unique geology of the region and offers breathtaking views from its summit.

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