Beaches That Glow at Night

Puerto Mosquito, Vieques, Puerto Rico

Row through a tapestry of stars at the world's brightest bioluminescent bay.

Manasquan Beach, NJ

Manasquan, New Jersey: A charming coastal community with a bioluminescent beach.

Springbrook Park, Australia

Springbrook National Park is a great place to witness bioluminescence. During the night, the glowworms illuminate the forest, creating a magical spectacle.

San Juan Island, Washington, U.S.

Go kayaking at Jackson beach at night to see the bioluminescent glow. You can either take a guided tour or go on your own.

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Halong Bay is a bioluminescent UNESCO World Heritage Site. Go at night to see the sparkling water.

Big South Fork, TN/KY

Big South Fork is a bioluminescent beach with fireflies that light up the sky. Go for an overnight stay to see the unique patterns they create.

Torrey Pines Beach, San Diego, CA

Torrey Pines State Beach in San Diego has bioluminescent waves that glow blue at night.


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