The weirdest dog breeds

Bergamasco Shepherd: These dogs have a truly unique coat made up of long, rope-like mats that give them an unconventional and shaggy appearance.

Catalburun: Also known as the Turkish Pointer, this breed is distinctive for its split or double-nosed appearance, which is a very rare trait in the canine world.

Puli: Pulik are small to medium-sized dogs with tightly curled, corded coats that make them look like living mops. They are originally from Hungary and were bred for herding livestock.

Chinese Crested: Chinese Crested dogs are often either completely hairless or have hair only on certain parts of their bodies. 

Borzoi: While Borzois have long, elegant noses and bodies, their slender build and regal appearance can be considered weird or unique compared to more common dog breeds.

Irish Wolfhound: These massive dogs are unique for their enormous size, often standing around 30 inches tall at the shoulder.  

Bulldog: Bulldogs have a distinct and wrinkled face, along with a pushed-in nose, making them stand out from other breeds. Their distinctive look has made them iconic.

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