Things that make burglars target your home


Burglars seek homes lacking apparent security measures like alarm systems, video cameras, or security signage. Without deterrents, they can break in undetected.

Lack of Security Measures: 


Unlocked doors and windows invite intruders. Unlocked doors enhance the likelihood of a break-in because they want easy entry.

Unlocked Doors and Windows:


Burglars choose neighborhoods with fewer residents or no neighborhood watch program. These homes are especially vulnerable because to the lack of witnesses.



Burglars can sneak into homes with poorly illuminated exteriors. Insufficient lighting increases break-in possibilities.

Lack of Outdoor Lighting:


Burglars are drawn to visible valuables including electronics, jewelry, and cash. They like residences with obvious valuables.

Visible Valuables: 


An overgrown grass, piled-up newspapers, or a neglected appearance can indicate an empty or insecure property. It may attract burglars.

Unkempt Appearance: 


Posting vacation plans or updates while gone can tip off robbers. Your absence invites break-ins.

Social media oversharing: 

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