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Top 10 Outstanding Year-Round Potted Plant Varieties

Bonsai trees

Bonsai trees offer a great dramatic outdoor container planting that can be outside all year


With its variegated evergreen foliage, euonymus makes a striking addition to containers and is the perfect foil for flowering plants. 

Pieris japonica

Herbs are some of the best plants for pots all year round as you can move them around as needed and place them in easy-to-access areas

Dwarf conifers

A dwarf conifer is simplicity itself, and offers structure and interest on even the bleakest days of winter, perfect if you're looking for trees for pots

Skimmia japonica

An attractive evergreen shrub, skimmia japonica offers color and interest to the garden for most of the year

Golden Sword yucca

The Golden Sword yucca is an amazingly versatile and hardy plant. Though it thrives in a sunny spot in the garden..


Hebes are delightful, compact evergreen shrubs that grow perfectly in pots

Olive trees

Though associated with the Mediterranean, olive trees are surprisingly adaptable evergreen plants suited to a variety of locations.

Pieris japonica

Though the evergreen foliage of pieris japonica is interesting throughout the year, the spring growth is particularly glorious


Heucheras are much underrated evergreen plants that add texture and color all year round

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