Top 5 Alternative Web Series to "Stranger Things"


"Dark": This German sci-fi thriller explores intricate time-travel issues in a small community. "Stranger Things" and "Dark" share supernatural elements and scary narrative.


"The OA": A young lady returns after seven years with new powers in this mind-bending mystery series. "The OA" is engrossing and thought-provoking.


"Black Mirror": The anthology series examines technology's dark side and social impact. Dystopian, thought-provoking "Stranger Things" fans will like each episode.


"The Umbrella Academy": Reunited superheroes investigate their father's death. Dark comedy, paranormal elements, and intriguing characters make it appealing.


"The Irregulars," : Sir Arthur Conan Doyle-based. Holmes and Watson solve Victorian London mysteries with street kids. Holmes' "The Irregulars" is sinister.

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