Top 5 Dangerous Flying Animals in Yellowstone


Known for their powerful beaks and sharp talons, bald eagles can be aggressive when defending their territory or young.

Bald Eagles


With their strong talons and ability to silently swoop down on prey, great horned owls can pose a danger to smaller animals and even humans if provoked.

Great Horned Owls


These birds of prey are known for their incredible speed during hunting, reaching up to 240 miles per hour in their dives. Their sharp beaks and talons make them formidable predators.

Peregrine Falcons


While not inherently dangerous to humans, red-tailed hawks have been known to dive and strike with their sharp talons if they perceive a threat or feel their nest is in danger.

Red-Tailed Hawks


These large birds of prey can become territorial, especially during nesting season. They have sharp claws and may defend their nests aggressively if approached.


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