Top 6 Hair Trends for Fall 2023


Enjoy autumn with rich balayage tones. For a comfortable, natural effect, mix caramel, cinnamon, and chestnut highlights.

Warm Toned Balayage


Short doesn't mean boring. Fall is all with textured pixie cuts, which create volume and movement with minimum upkeep.

Textured Pixie Cuts


Accent your haircut with little braids. This trend adds elegance and inventiveness to a delicate braid around your hairline or in a ponytail.

Braided Accents


The blunt bob with bangs is back in style. It's bold and rigid but customizable.

Blunt Bob with Bangs


Metallic tints update unconventional hair colors. Reflective silver and rose gold tones give your outfit a futuristic, edgy look.

Metallic Hair Colors


Celebrate your hair's natural texture in fall. Use nourishing products and low heat to enhance natural curls, waves, or straight hair.

Embracing Natural Texture

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