Top 7 common causes of Snoring


Nasal Congestion: Blocked or narrow nasal passages can lead to snoring as airflow becomes restricted.


Sleep Position: Sleeping on the back can cause the tongue and soft palate to collapse backward, obstructing the airway and resulting in snoring.


Age: As people age, the muscles in the throat tend to relax, which can contribute to snoring.


Obesity: Excess weight can lead to extra tissue in the throat, narrowing the airway and increasing the likelihood of snoring.


Alcohol and Sedatives: Consuming alcohol or sedative medications before bedtime can relax the throat muscles, leading to snoring.


Enlarged Tonsils or Adenoids: In children and some adults, enlarged tonsils or adenoids can obstruct the airway and cause snoring.


Sleep Apnea: A more severe condition, sleep apnea involves breathing interruptions during sleep, which often leads to loud snoring.

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